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Paralia Katerini

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Paralia Katerini - Great food - Great fun - Exciting night life - Best prices - Perfect Greece vacation Paralia or Paralia Katerinis (meaning "beach'') is a municipality in the eastern part of the prefecture of Pieria. The seat of the municipality is in Kallithea. Paralia is linked with GR-13 and GR-1/E75 including the superhighway. The beach is situated in the Olympian Riviera. Paralia is famous for its hotels, taverns, restaurants, bars and nightclubs (discotheques). The Thermian Gulf is situated in the east. The sandy coastline covers almost all of its shores. Paralia Katerinis since the 1960s has been serving the superhighway. In the mid-1990s, the superhighway added 2 additional lanes to the undivided superhighway. Paralia is located 4 km E of Katerini, SE of Veria, 70 km S of Thessaloniki and the Makedonia International Airport, N of Larissa, NNW of Athens, NE of Tyrnavos, NE of Mount Olympus and 150 km NE of Kalampaka. The 2001 census reported a population of 1,476 for the village Paralia, and 6,449 for the municipality.

Every summer thousands of tourists from all over the world come here on vacation. This place is really unique and breathtaking for any tourtist coming here for the first time and seeing the beautiful seaside on the one hand and the mountains on the other hand.

The sand here is the finest in the area, with no pebbles at all, and the waters of the Aegean Sea are warm and clean. There are no dangerous sea animals and the lifeguards are always on the lookout. Paralia has received the ,,Blue Flag'' medal, which means clean seas, clean beaches, care for the environment.

Partalia Katerini resort is a perfect destination for both rich and poor tourists because here you may find a vast range of hotels and villas, from 3 star luxury hotels to 3 star beautiful villas.

The night life is one of a kind.. There are all kinds of interesting clubs for teenagers that organise beach parties with special effects and lasers.

When you say Paralia Katerini, you say shopping. Paralia really is the perfect place for shopping maniacs. The center of the resort is full of souvenir shops. Here you can buy fur coats for half the price and gold is really cheap. Don't forget to negociate with the salesman. And the postcard is on the house.

If you reserve a hotel room here, you also have the opportunity to visit a lot of Greece with optional trips that are organised by the local travel agencies. Don't miss the cruise to Skyathos. You'll never forgive yourself.

The euro is the official currency in Greece.

Tourists get here by coach or by car but the high speed train and the plane are also a posibility. You can also get here by yaught as Paralia Katerini has its own yaught marina and dock.



Paralia Katerini - Great food - Great fun - Exciting night life - Best prices - Perfect Greece vacation